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The Echoes of the Dead

The Echoes of the Dead

An interpreter meets someone who carries a horrible curse

(Takes place after From Stars They Fell)

When a job is supposed to be permanent, you don’t usually contemplate unemployment. But when Oswin’s position of interpreter for a deaf man is taken by an angel from Heaven, he finds himself adrift.

On his way back to his master’s house, he encounters a mysterious elf, Calder, living in dilapidated ruins. Intrigued and attracted, he lingers until morning and meets Calder’s pet—a black swan in an enchanted pond.

Calder is a man of fantasy, magic, and secrets, and Oswin cannot bring himself to leave until the mysteries come to light—but answers may be the very thing that drive him away.

Rating: Mature

CW: death, war referenced

Originally published by Less Than Three Press.

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