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In the Shade of the Tree of Life

A prince and an outsider. Could it ever really end well?

A tale as old as time itself—when there is a group of people whose beliefs and traditions and language are different from the majority, they will bear the burden of society's prejudice and hatred. Innes belongs to one such group, working in the court of a king who seeks to ally with the country that expelled his people.


He keeps his head down and his traditions close. Really, he just wants to be fed, housed, and decently happy with his life. But even simple dreams seem out of reach when he falls into an affair with the Crown Prince Kenneth. Can Innes reconcile the heart that wants and the mind that rejects? Or are they doomed to always be at odds?


And what will happen when Prince Kenneth gets engaged?

Rating: Teen

CW: homophobia, antisemitism

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