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A Step Apart and a World Away cover

A Step Apart and a World Away

What do you get for a nobleman who refuses wealth and prestige?

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince… but he was cruel and manipulative, tolerated more than loved. Beloved of the court is his younger cousin, Naomhan. Naomhan is peculiar, but charming in his eccentricities—to everyone but the prince.


When the prince's jealousy turns to violence, Naomhan leaves the court, and gives aid to a snake in his garden. Little did he know that one good deed would lead to a cascade of exciting adventures. When gifted with the taste of a fairy's magic, will Naomhan succumb to the temptation of cruelty, or will he manage to hold on to his good heart?

Rating: Teen

CW: gaslighting

Cover by V. Rios, designed for Less Than Three Press.

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