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A Queer Little Book of Tales

Fairy tales for the grown-up kid.

All of the lovely LGBT retellings I did with Less Than Three Press, plus two new ones!


The White Cat A wandering prince encounters a talking cat in a hidden palace.

A Step Apart and a World Away A young man out of step with the world meets a fairy who changes his life.

In the Shade of the Tree of Life A tailor's apprentice falls in love with a prince and everything falls apart.

From Stars They Fell An alien refugee comes to a fairy tale Earth and meets a man who talks with his hands.

Echoes of the Dead An interpreter loses a job he thought would be for life and meets a mysterious elf in the ruins of a castle.

The Fairy's Gift A princess whose parents insist she's a prince is given the gift of a body that suits her. But is it really that easy?

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