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Regarding the Shutdown of LT3

As many of you I'm sure are aware, July of this year saw the shutdown of my publisher, Less Than Three Press. As such, all of my books are now out of print and unavailable. (If you previously bought a book and are unable to retrieve it, feel free to email or tweet me with proof of purchase and I'd be happy to send you a PDF or other file of your choice.)

So what does this mean going forward?

Well, I'm currently shopping the previously published novellas around to see if another publisher would like to pick them up. If, by the end of the year, there are no takers, I will probably self-publish them through Amazon and make them available for sale once more, along with two other unpublished novellas that were slated for release with LT3: A Step Apart and a World Away and In the Shade of the Tree of Life. I'm so incredibly pleased with them both and I'm so excited to eventually share them with you!

I'm very sorry to see LT3 go. I have nothing but gratitude toward them, and I admire how they've bowed out with dignity and honor.

Thank you as well to all of you, my lovely readers. Let's see if 2019 will give us some good news!

Today's song is Bored to Death by blink-182.

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